The Daily Texan.

After working at The Daily Texan for 2 years, I got to know the ins and outs of the organization and its well-oiled machine pretty well — the good and the could-be-betters.

As one of the oldest, most presitigious college newspapers in the US, The Daily Texan prides itself in its top notch student journalism. However, there was a disconnect between the quality of our storytelling and the way it was visually communicated.

For years, we used a template that was useful for training staffers, but couldn’t establish visual hierarchy or hook readers’ interest. I saw an opportunity where this problem could be solved with the role of an art director. With the help of my advisor and managing editor, we made this role possible.

The following work was made in my last year at The Daily Texan. I directed photographers and illustrators to create visuals for print and digitally integrated long-form projects.
Art direction

For some context, here’s what we were working with in the beginning. --> 

Other graphics

CMA Pinnacle Awards, 1st place infographic